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  • Ebor Admissions Policy for 2022/2023

    This year’s admissions consultation is being jointly held by all admissions authorities in North Yorkshire between 16th October 2020 and 4th December 2020.  The consultation includes the admissions policies and number of places available at each school in the year of entry. The views of parent/carers, schools and other interested parties are being sought during this consultation. To respond, you can email Following consultation, each admissions authority will formally set (‘determine’)  their admission arrangements for admission in 2022/23 by 28th February 2021. Determined policies will be on all admissions authorities own websites by 15th March 2021 after which objections can be raised.

    DRAFT admissions policy for 2022/2023

    Please note: All documents found below at this stage are in their draft (pre-determined) form.