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  • Ebor Admissions Policy for 2021/2022

    This year’s admission consultation is being jointly held by all admissions authorities in NYCC between 4 October 2019 and 28 February 2020. The consultation includes the admissions policies and number of places available at each school in the year of entry. The views pf parent/carers, schools and other interested parties are being sought during consultation. To respond you can email

    Following consultation, each admissions authority will formally set their admissions arrangements for admissions in 2021/22 by 28 February 2020. Determined policies will be on all admissions authorities own websites by 15 March 2020 after which objections can be raised.

    Ebor Filey Admissions Policy for 2021/2022

    Our published admission number for Year 7 is 112.

    You can also find more documents on the LA website at