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See below this years art curriculum for years 7 to 9. You can download a copy here



Year 7

  • Colour theme:

    To study colour wheels, secondary colours, primary colours, tertiary colours, cool and warm colours.

    Medium/artistic technique: Watercolour painting, Drawing and annotating
    Homework project: Observational drawing project.

  • Colour theme:

    To study the artist Romero Britto with particular focus on pattern.
    To create a response to the work of Britto through designing a cup and saucer in the style of Romero’s work.

    Medium/artistic technique: Drawing, Painting and Clay  
    Homework project: Observational drawing project.

  • Silhouette theme:


    To study the artist Roy Lichtenstein.
    To create your own comic strip style scenarios based on controversial subject matters: smoking, obesity, alcoholism, and addiction to mobiles.
    To submit a final piece of work to be entered into a worldwide competition.

    Medium/artistic technique: Writing, Drawing, Colouring and Watercolour painting
    Homework project: Pop Artist research project.

  • Egyptian theme:

    To create Studies of Egyptian artwork.
    To develop your own response to Egyptian art by creating your own mummy.


    Medium/artistic technique: Papier Mache
    Homework project: Egyptian Gods project.


Year 8

  • Identity theme:

    To create a collage based on your own identity.
    To study the face and develop a high quality sketch using proportions and rules.
    To study the work of Julian Opie.
    To develop a response to Julian Opie’s work

    Medium/artistic technique: Collage, drawing, shading and colouring
    Homework project: Observation drawing project.

  • Identity/Distortion theme:

    To study the work of Wes Naman.
    To interpret distortion through considering other artists work.
    To replicate techniques developed by Wes Naman through photography.
    To develop a painting in response to his work using your own photographs.

    Medium/artistic technique: Photography, mixed media, painting and drawing
    Homework project: Observational drawing project.

  • Looking in, looking out theme:

    Tesco school project competition :

    To develop a mind map exploring the ideas of the theme.
    To study Trompe L’oeil Mural Art and the artist Tom Taylor and his work.
    To develop skills in perspective drawing.
    To create a final response piece to the work of Tom Taylor for submission

    Medium/artistic technique: Large scale drawing, drawing, painting and photography
    Homework project: African masks/art project.

  • Graffiti theme:

    To develop reading skills through studying newspapers and controversial issues.
    To develop a passion for a particular subject.
    To study the work of Banksy.
    To develop an informed controversial response based on your chosen article.
    To develop your imagination.
    To understand how to create persuasive art.

    Medium/artistic technique: Drawing, painting, stencils and graffiti
    Homework project: Advertising Project.



Year 9

  • War and conflict theme:

    To create a collage on the given theme.
    To research an artist to study surrounding war and conflict art.
    To develop a copy of your chosen artists’ work within a research page.

    Medium/artistic technique: Collage, drawing, painting and other.

  • War and conflict theme:

    To create several matchbox designs based on your chosen area of war and conflict.
    To annotate your designs to explain your ideas and choice of materials.
    To refine your ideas and develop a final drawn image.
    To develop a matchbox into your chosen final design using mixed media

    Medium/artistic technique: 3-D design, drawing, writing, mixed media, projection and photography 

  • Animals with issues theme:

    To develop an artistic mind map of ideas surrounding endangered animals.
    To create several watercolour studies of endangered animals.
    To study an artist who focuses on animals within their art work.
    To create several designs of ideas for a final piece.
    To annotate your designs clearly explaining your ideas.
    To develop a large painting of your chosen idea for submission.


    Medium/artistic technique: Writing, drawing, watercolour, painting, acrylic and painting/oil

    Homework project: Aboriginal animals project.

  • Surrealism theme:

    To study the work of Salvador Dali and compare it to the work of Rene Magritte.
    To use up to date technology to distort objects within school into the style of Salvador Dali’s melting clock.
    To independently research and create several designs for a 3D surrealism piece.
    To create a large 3D sculptural surrealism piece in paired groups.

    Medium/artistic technique: Papier mache, drawing, photoshop and ink printing
    Homework project: Surrealism animal Project.


Inspirational Artwork