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Ebor Academy Filey uniform issues

Posted On 09 Feb 2018
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We value the strong support we receive from parents and this is very important when ensuring that the highest standards are maintained. The majority of our students always attend school in the correct uniform.  However there have been a number of issues which have arisen recently and these include skirt length, tight fitting, skin tight legging type trousers, or incorrect shoes.

If students are wearing black trousers they are required to be straight legged, slightly flared or boot cut. Denim or skin-tight trousers or legging-type fabric are not permitted. Skirts should be plain black and not too short. More than 3cm from the centre of the knee is classed as unacceptable.

Shoes should be plain black. Boots, canvas type material, suede, trainers, pumps or sandals are not permitted.

The Academy uniform policy is clearly outlined on pages 6 & 7 of the student planner. If your child’s current uniform does not follow this policy please arrange for this to be corrected before we return to school on 19th February.

Straight after the half term holiday form tutors will be carrying out uniform checks and sanctions will be put in place for students not wearing the correct uniform.

I thank you for your ongoing support in this matter.

Yours sincerely

Mr Galbraith


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