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Family dining at Ebor Academy Filey

Posted On 21 Dec 2015
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A message from Mr Galbraith, Headteacher:

First of all I would like to thank all the parents of students, and the students themselves, in Year 7 and 8 at Ebor Academy Filey for their patience with the family dining initiative. We recognise that it has not been perfect at times; however the academy believes that the benefits seen are certainly worth the challenge faced.

The purpose of family dining is to develop in our students friendship and a respect for each other, responsibility, politeness, and a sense of belonging as well as basic table manners and conversation skills with a range of peers. These are all things that the students have recognised have been achieved in this first term, and they deserve praise for this.

Other benefits have included, improved behaviour, very rare reports of bullying, no reports of students being lonely at lunch times, new friendships being created, better relationships with staff and real empathy and understanding of the differences between fellow students. These are things which have been identified by the students as well as the staff at the academy. I’m sure you’ll agree that for parents and staff these are benefits which we can be proud of.

However, we do recognise that we can improve and it would be remiss and complacent of the academy to think otherwise. With this in mind we will continually try to improve the service over the next term as we have during the first term of this year. We regularly consult with the students regarding menus to make sure we are serving meals which they want to eat, but are also healthy, nutritious and balanced. We are reviewing the equipment used for serving and the logistics of how the service is delivered in the hall, building on feedback from students and staff.

Family service now includes toast and fruit at morning break, a meal at lunch time with a sandwich alternative and pudding. Fresh fruit is also available at lunchtime.

Finally I would like to thank you in advance for your continued support of family dining, and that you congratulate your daughters and sons for their maturity and understanding in making family dining work for all concerned.

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