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Resources to use with young people

CEOP Resources:
CEOP’s Thinkuknow programme provides a range of free resources – films, lesson plans, presentations, practitioner guidance, games and posters – to professionals working with children and young people. Through the use of our educational materials you can help to empower and protect young people from the harm of sexual abuse and exploitation, both online and off.

CEOP Think you know 
Exploited is the latest resource from CEOP’s Thinkuknow programme. Based around an 18-minute film, Exploited helps young people learn to stay safe from sexual exploitation by recognising the signs.

CEOP Exploited

Interactive video playlist following Aleeya and Tariq as they compete with Jamal for internet fame. Aimed at adolescents, the viewer must choose the path Aleeya and Tariq take and explore the consequences of their risk-taking behaviour. Features some scenes which may be unsuitable for younger children.

CEOP consequences:
Helps to explore consequences of online grooming

Other free resources:
A website designed by young people for use by young people on staying safe

A leaflet from Barnardos – Be aware, stay alert, keep safe!

A mini booklet about Child Sexual Exploitation

Healthy Relationship Checklist

A booklet of creative writing by young people who are at risk of, or who have experience of sexual exploitation

Your Guide. Sex, Secrets and Lies.

An awareness raising film for you to use highlight the issues of Child Sexual Exploitation

Free CSE E-learning for professionals and parents

Resources for professionals – CSE in boys

Can I be your friend?
Reality of Facebook and Twitter

Take This Lollipop
This is an Interactive Live Action Facebook Connect experience.

IAssistSafety helps children learn protective behaviours. All children deserve to be safe. Using a hand IAssistSafety allows a child to identify 5 adults who they could ask for help if feeling unsafe. The hand assists children to remember their safe people. The adults should be people the child sees regularly, people they can trust and people who will listen to the child. These 5 adults will help the child to be safe if they are scared, worried, sad or just need help. Use the name, phone number and image or photos of the adult and add it to the child’s hand. Your child’s hand can be emailed, saved in your gallery, used as a screen saver or printed. This App helps to give your child a voice in keeping themselves safe.